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The Erlanger Bergkirchweih 2020

Dear English-speaking Bergkirchweihler, about 1 million carnival-lovers from all over the world meet again this year on Thursday before Pentecost at the Erlanger Bergkirchweih. It is the "more cozy" Oktoberfest, attended also by people from Munich. Here you will find the basic information about the Erlanger Bergkirchweih in your language, so you do not miss anything. For more information, for example on the various beer cellars, showmen, and our competition, visit Info 2020. Unfortunately the information is not available in English yet.

You have never been to the Erlanger Bergkirchweih or want to indulge in memories? Then take a quick peek at our 360-degree panoramic view. At the time of the Bergkirchweih our cams also will be switched on. The only thing better than the panoramic view, is to be there live.

From Thursday, 28th of May 2020 until Monday, 8th of June 2020, landlords and about 100 stalls and rides are waiting for you to pay them a visit from 10:00 a.m. to 23:00. (on holidays and on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. already). Underneath magnificent old chestnut trees decorated with paper lanterns, you can enjoy cold beer out of stone beer mugs and several Franconian or international treats. Parents should make a note of the family day at the Erlanger Bergkirchweih: On Thursday, 4th June 2020, there are a lot of discounts for children until 20:00.

The Erlanger Bergkirchweih – in the past & today

On 21st of April 1755, when the city council decided on the relocation of the market from the historic city centre to the “Burgberg”, they could hardly imagine what a momentous decision they had made. The decision became the birthday of the Erlanger Bergkirchweih, Franconia's largest and most beautiful twelve-day folk festival, which has been celebrated around Pentecost at the Erlanger “Burgberg” for the last 265 years. 16 times the Bergkirchweih was cancelled because of famines (1770-1772), the death of fairy tale King Ludwig II (1886), World War I (1915-1920) and World War II (1940-1945). The caves below the “Burgberg”, where beer was once stored, are of particular interest. Today, they serve primarily to facilitate the dispensing operation during the Bergkirchweih.

Adolescents under age 16 only allowed till 10 p.m. without supervision.

No use of inlineskates, skateboards or bikes on the festival area.

Dangerous articles and weapons are not allowed on site.

Guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic drinks and glass-bottled beverages or beverages inside hard or fragile vessels to the area .

Urination only on toilet facilities.

Dogs are not allowed on the whole festival area.